CMS Laser

Founded in 1983 as an early innovator in software controls development, Control Micro Systems—also known as CMS Laser—quickly grew into a supplier of complete industrial laser systems.

CMS laser built a reputation on designing and building industry-leading solutions for laser-based application.

CMS utilises its state-of-the-art laser applications lab, custom software, robotics, vision, and transport Systems to develop highly engineered solutions to meet the individual needs of its diverse customer base. Specialising in ‘on the fly’ processing to provide faster throughput for customers, its applications include laser drilling and marking of pharmaceutical tablets and capsules, marking and serialization of medical products, and the plastic welding and glass marking. 

What CMS Offers

Solutions Tailored for You

With access to every laser on the market, CMS can build you the best-fitting, most complete system available anywhere in the world today.

A Partnership from Start to Finish

CMS has the ability to draw from the list of current commercial lasers, or work with you on designing and delivering a custom solution—keeping your production running at optimal speeds and improving your ROI.

Technical Expertise

The CMS team of engineers specializes in customizing the right laser manufacturing experience for you.

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