Our Portfolio

Industrial Laser Systems

The Group operates through two brands, TYKMA/Electrox and Control Micro Systems (CMS), providing high-margin, specialised laser solutions including marking, drilling, cutting and welding. 

TYKMA Electrox

TYKMA/Electrox produces over 600 laser units per year ranging from standard workstations to custom-built solutions that incorporate robotics and vision. Utilising Fiber, Co2, UV and Green laser sources, TYKMA/Electrox’s complete turnkey solutions can mark on virtually any metallic or organic surface. 

Control Micro Systems (CMS)

CMS utilises its state-of-the-art laser applications lab, custom software, robotics, vision, and transport Systems to develop highly engineered solutions to meet the individual needs of its diverse customer base. Specialising in ‘on the fly’ processing to provide faster throughput for customers, its applications include laser drilling and marking of pharmaceutical tablets and capsules, marking and serialization of medical products, and the plastic welding and glass marking.